SoundMoneyShow.Com: CODE RED, protect your savings – John Mauldin Interview

Andrew Duncan speaks with Mauldin Economics founder, John Mauldin about his recent book; Code Red, central banking practices, and how investors should position themselves in the face of a potential coming monetary crisis.

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Concentrating on Euro Vigilante


I’ve been asked to work on a new web site, called Euro Vigilante. Pretty much from now on, I’ll be concentrating my blogging efforts on that page. Hopefully, this will mean that I’m going to start blogging more often again, as this new site will have much more of a business focus than this one.

Although still very much a prototype, the site will eventually provide many different services as required by the kind of people who like truth, wealth, and freedom. This will take some time, before the site is properly functional, but wherever there is a will, there is a way.

Welcome to the new boss. It’s going to be pretty similar to the old boss! 🙂

You can go to Euro Vigilante by either clicking this link or clicking on the picture above.

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GoldMoney podcast: Gordon Kerr: ‘I was on the grassy knoll’

Episode 92: GoldMoney’s Andy Duncan talks to Gordon Kerr of Cobden Partners, a financial engineer and specialist in debt capital markets. They talk about Mr Kerr’s pivotal role in the leveraging of British and European banks prior to the crash of 2008, before moving on to discuss the Basel initiatives, designed by various global regulators to try to prevent systemic failures in the financial system. They discuss why these measures are ineffective. Gordon Kerr describes his view of the current financial situation, particularly of British and European banks, and how he sees banking and accounting regulations developing over the next few years.

The article which describes how Mr Kerr and his team leveraged the British and then European banking systems is at this link.

This podcast was recorded on 21 January 2013.

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GoldMoney podcast: Mish Shedlock’s case for deflation

Episode 91: GoldMoney’s Andy Duncan speaks to Mike “Mish” Shedlock about the entire global financial situation, but particularly focusing upon the debate between those who believe in deflation of the money and credit supply versus those who believe in inflation. As a believer in the former scenario, Mish argues that many Austrian economists have ignored the role of credit in economies, and that “hyperinflationists” are too US-centric in their analysis. He argues that in the short-term, he sees 2008-style “credit events” as more likely to occur in Japan, China, and Europe. Shedlock also mentions the deflationary impact we can expect from the increasing use of robots in manufacturing, and how the currency wars are affecting the inflation/deflation dynamic.

They discuss the Federal Reserve’s potential treatment of excess reserves, the use of helicopters by Ben Bernanke to stem deflation via bundles of money produced via the Fed’s printing press, and the similarities of the situation between America’s current position and that of Japan 20 years ago. Mish outlines what he would do if he was put in charge at the Fed.

Following on from this, they talk about the recent agreement of the Bank of Japan to follow prime minister Shinzo Abe’s instructions to follow a 2% price inflation target, as well as discussing the financial situation in the eurozone and the UK.

This podcast was recorded on 22 January 2013.

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GoldMoney podcast: Doug Casey: ‘We are living in the middle of the biggest bubble in history’

Episode 88: GoldMoney’s Andy Duncan talks to Doug Casey, the founder and chairman of Casey Research and the author of a new book called Totally Incorrect. They discuss the current state of global finance and the chances of an upcoming paper money collapse.

Casey points out that the recovery after the 2008 financial crisis is just an illusion created by central bank money printing which will ultimately lead to very high inflation once bank lending starts to pick up again. Both men discuss what will happen when all the US dollars currently held overseas are repatriated as foreigners lose confidence in the greenback. They also speculate about what Keynesians might be thinking at the moment, and analyse how non-western central banks are beginning to behave with regards to gold.

They evaluate the likelihood of western economic collapse in 2013, what this would imply for the global monetary standing of gold, and how GoldMoney subscribers can best protect themselves and their assets. On this note they also talk about how a future world monetary situation might look like once we are through the Keynesian collapse. Casey also speculates about how the theories of Professor Hans Hermann-Hoppe might have applicability to the shape of the world order post-crash, and what readers can look forward to if they purchase a copy of Totally Incorrect.

Finally, they discuss what type of “black swans” we can expect to land in the coming months.

This podcast was recorded on 15 January 2013.

Doug Casey

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Doug Casey – Socialism and Psychological Aberration

Doug Casey explores the roots of socialism:

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James Turk, on Anarchast

Oh, those grey London skies.

But a great interview, with anarcho-capitalist James Turk…

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GoldMoney podcast: ‘Brexit’ talk with Nigel Farage

Episode 87: GoldMoney’s Andy Duncan talks to Nigel Farage MEP, leader of the United Kingdom Independence Party, and co-chair of the Europe of Freedom and Democracy Group within the European Parliament.

They talk about the ongoing euro currency situation and the recent speeches from Mr Barroso, the President of the European Commission. They also discuss the recent news of the German Bundesbank’s decision to repatriate some of its physical gold reserves from the USA and France, and what the chances are of the UK leaving the EU – “Brexit” – in the next few years, and the likely fate of the euro and the EU itself.

This podcast was recorded on 15 January 2013.

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GoldMoney podcast: Patrick Barron on the eurozone’s future

Episode 86: Professor Patrick Barron is an Austrian School economist who teaches courses in banking and economics at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the University of Iowa. He also writes regular pieces for

Professor Barron has put forward the idea that the only route out of the ongoing euro crisis for Germany is an initial return to the Deutschmark, followed preferably by a subsequent move to a golden Deutschmark. He discusses this idea with GoldMoney’s Andy Duncan, along with the three major obstacles to his desired outcome, which include a lack of current party-political support in Germany for this idea, along with outside political influences over Germany’s monetary policies, and the growing uncertainty over Germany’s access to its own physical gold supply.

As well as exploring the current financial situation in Europe, Professor Barron also comments upon the recent fiscal cliff event in the United States, and mentions the recent article in The New York Times, by Paul Krugman, on the subject of a special trillion dollar platinum coin. He explains why eventually he believes the US dollar will go back to a link with gold, and why he thinks the price of gold may then reach $38,000 dollars an ounce. Professor Barron runs his own website, which GoldMoney subscribers can find at

The book mentioned heavily in the interview, The Tragedy of the Euro, by Professor Philipp Bagus, can be downloaded for free from this link.

This podcast was recorded on 11 January 2013.

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I, Pencil

Superb video:

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