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GoldMoney podcast: Mish Shedlock’s case for deflation

Episode 91: GoldMoney’s Andy Duncan speaks to Mike “Mish” Shedlock about the entire global financial situation, but particularly focusing upon the debate between those who believe in deflation of the money and credit supply versus those who believe in inflation. … Continue reading

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Inflation, deflation and stagflation

For money bugs – as I’m rapidly becoming myself – who need an interesting Sunday afternoon debate to counteract the end of the Formula One race season, you might want to listen to Alasdair Macleod’s GoldMoney interview with Jason Burack … Continue reading

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Robert Prechter and James Turk on inflation vs deflation

The podtastic and videotastic Mr James Turk, a.k.a. The Turkster, leads a fascinating discussion about what many would consider a dull topic; inflation versus deflation, which starts in a direction you might be surprised by. That this topic led to … Continue reading

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Detlev Schlichter: The deflation delusion

Another great piece from Britain’s most eloquent Austrian, exploring the myths of deflation, in the face of the industrial revolution, which was about two centuries of deflation, punctuated by inflative wars. Favourite quote: “Years ago a friend of mine in … Continue reading

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