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GoldMoney podcast: Mish Shedlock’s case for deflation

Episode 91: GoldMoney’s Andy Duncan speaks to Mike “Mish” Shedlock about the entire global financial situation, but particularly focusing upon the debate between those who believe in deflation of the money and credit supply versus those who believe in inflation. … Continue reading

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Inflation, deflation and stagflation

For money bugs – as I’m rapidly becoming myself – who need an interesting Sunday afternoon debate to counteract the end of the Formula One race season, you might want to listen to Alasdair Macleod’s GoldMoney interview with Jason Burack … Continue reading

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GoldMoney Podcast: Guido Hülsmann on Mises’ invaluable legacy

My second podcast for GoldMoney, with the redoubtable Professor Jorg Guido Hülsmann: http://www.goldmoney.com/podcast/guido-huelsmann-on-mises-invaluable-legacy.html If you’ve ever wanted to hear the phrase intertemporal disequilibria spoken meaningfully within a coherent sentence, by a proper Austrian economist, all whilst describing the Austrian Theory … Continue reading

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Dollar Vigilante: It’s a Weekend at Bernie’s Financial System

The Duke of Acapulco speaks to Jason Burack, of Wall St for Main St, in an excellent long interview about the current U.S. presidential ‘ruler selection’ process and much more besides, including naming Jesus as an anarchist. He also intimates … Continue reading

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Auf Wieder Sehen, Deutschland: Top German court approves €500 billion eurozone bailout

Oh dear. Some more state deities in robes have confirmed that the state is omnipotent, as heavily-pressured German judges have done what their paymasters wanted, and approved the German government’s plans to sell the German folk down the Napoleonic river … Continue reading

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KWN: Gold, Jim Grant, Bernanke, Draghi, a Collapse in Confidence, & More

As the Illuminati-Politburo gather in Jackson Hole, to centrally plan out our lives for their betterment, Eric King speaks to John Hathaway about their plans to stimulate their tax-cattle into line. Okay, so their ‘stimulation’ plans have failed for the … Continue reading

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Robert Prechter and James Turk on inflation vs deflation

The podtastic and videotastic Mr James Turk, a.k.a. The Turkster, leads a fascinating discussion about what many would consider a dull topic; inflation versus deflation, which starts in a direction you might be surprised by. That this topic led to … Continue reading

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“Inflation rise is temporary” – UK inflation rate rises to 3.5% in March

Yeah, right (HT to Mr Sean Ring.)

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Apparently, no ‘inflation’ in Britain, despite economy postage stamps about to undergo 39% price hike

As Britain’s fiat-currency economy continues to implode, held together only by government spending financed by money printing, we continue to watch bemused as government experts continue to assure us that there is no ‘inflation’, despite the price of a basic … Continue reading

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Bank of England QE pushes family fill-up cost to over £100

With more tax rises and commodity price inflation to come, fuelled by the UK government’s inability to rein in its spending and their funding of their own deficits via extensive money printing, it’s all starting to go to cock in … Continue reading

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