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Professor Hans-Hermann Hoppe: How Mises Rebuilt Economics

The Professor’s latest article, on

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Richard Ebeling: On Mises, Central Planning and Facing Down Russian Tanks

Another excellent podcast with Robert Wenzel, this time interviewing Richard Ebeling about the current world situation, how we got here, and where we may be going next. Although there is much of interest throughout the interview, the best bit is … Continue reading

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Detlev Schlichter: The nightmare after Christmas

Jesus Christ only used violence once in his recorded life, when the Prince of Peace assaulted the money changers in the temple for their monetary manipulations which had offended the Son of God. In this Christian spirit, I thought it … Continue reading

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Israel Kirzner: An Introduction to Austrian Economics

The latest video in our bid to find some perfect viewing for this holiday season. Israel Kirzner explains what makes Austrian economics different from conventional economics, via the mechanism of the entrepreneur, and how the entrepreneur adjusts society through the … Continue reading

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Professor Hoppe: The Advantages of Small States and the Dangers of Centralization

Continuing our theme from yesterday, on micro-states and mega-states, I thought it might be potentially enlightening for us to celebrate Christmas by as well as watching the latest Harry Potter video on the destruction of the fascist mega-state of Lord … Continue reading

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Sir Gus O’Donnell: The UK faces break-up

The sooner, the better.

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Just don’t ask where the money came from: ECB’s €489bn loan to eurozone banks fails to calm markets

Another day, another bazooka, another dud. Yes, the money printers are at it again, and they won’t stop until you’re using Euro notes as fire lighters. The ECB suggested that when it was founded it would behave like a German … Continue reading

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