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Fed’s Fisher: Central Bank Can’t Save US from ‘Fiscal Perdition’

It would seem that some of the wizards behind the green curtain at the Fed are beginning to worry about continuously feeding the beast with yet more paper money. Has it been fed enough? It seems that they are very … Continue reading

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GoldMoney Podcast: Guido Hülsmann on Mises’ invaluable legacy

My second podcast for GoldMoney, with the redoubtable Professor Jorg Guido Hülsmann: http://www.goldmoney.com/podcast/guido-huelsmann-on-mises-invaluable-legacy.html If you’ve ever wanted to hear the phrase intertemporal disequilibria spoken meaningfully within a coherent sentence, by a proper Austrian economist, all whilst describing the Austrian Theory … Continue reading

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Jeff Berwick’s gut feeling: US in hyperinflation in five years

Acapulco’s finest explains his thoughts on where the US economy is going and how to survive its government-induced hyperinflationary implosion:

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James Grant: We are now all lab rats of Benjamin Bernanke

A fighter with Jeff Tucker for the title of ‘Most Famous Hard-Money Bow-Tie Wearer in the World’, Jim Grant manages to broadcast some truth on CNBC, for which he ought to be awarded a medal; preferably one made of gold:

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More QE is on the way: The central banks are digging themselves a deeper hole

Herr Schlichter comes back from Africa to see that the financial world is in an even deeper hole than when he left. Favourite quote: “QE – and zero interest rates – is the policy equivalent of crack cocaine.”

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Jim Grant speaks truth to power and gives the New York Fed a “Piece of my mind”

The imperial power of the Federal Reserve is, for some reason, asking its sternest critics to come along and tell them what they think of it. Jim Grant took hold of the chance with both lenses of his spectacles. A … Continue reading

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G Edward Griffin: Creature From Jekyll Island, A Second Look at the Federal Reserve

G Edward Griffin explains all about the Federal Reserve, in this great ‘weekend viewing’ video:

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