GoldMoney podcast: ‘Brexit’ talk with Nigel Farage

Episode 87: GoldMoney’s Andy Duncan talks to Nigel Farage MEP, leader of the United Kingdom Independence Party, and co-chair of the Europe of Freedom and Democracy Group within the European Parliament.

They talk about the ongoing euro currency situation and the recent speeches from Mr Barroso, the President of the European Commission. They also discuss the recent news of the German Bundesbank’s decision to repatriate some of its physical gold reserves from the USA and France, and what the chances are of the UK leaving the EU – “Brexit” – in the next few years, and the likely fate of the euro and the EU itself.

This podcast was recorded on 15 January 2013.

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GoldMoney podcast: Patrick Barron on the eurozone’s future

Episode 86: Professor Patrick Barron is an Austrian School economist who teaches courses in banking and economics at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the University of Iowa. He also writes regular pieces for

Professor Barron has put forward the idea that the only route out of the ongoing euro crisis for Germany is an initial return to the Deutschmark, followed preferably by a subsequent move to a golden Deutschmark. He discusses this idea with GoldMoney’s Andy Duncan, along with the three major obstacles to his desired outcome, which include a lack of current party-political support in Germany for this idea, along with outside political influences over Germany’s monetary policies, and the growing uncertainty over Germany’s access to its own physical gold supply.

As well as exploring the current financial situation in Europe, Professor Barron also comments upon the recent fiscal cliff event in the United States, and mentions the recent article in The New York Times, by Paul Krugman, on the subject of a special trillion dollar platinum coin. He explains why eventually he believes the US dollar will go back to a link with gold, and why he thinks the price of gold may then reach $38,000 dollars an ounce. Professor Barron runs his own website, which GoldMoney subscribers can find at

The book mentioned heavily in the interview, The Tragedy of the Euro, by Professor Philipp Bagus, can be downloaded for free from this link.

This podcast was recorded on 11 January 2013.

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I, Pencil

Superb video:

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Anarchast Ep. 51 with Stephan Kinsella

Jeff Berwick in Acapulco, Mexico, talks with Stephan Kinsella in Houston, Texas.

Topics include:

  • Stephan explains how he became an anarchist and some of the books that pointed him in the right direction including
  • The Fountainhead 
  • Stephan is a practicing attorney that applies his legal knowledge with his libertarian philosophy
  • He believes a free law society will only come about if a majority of people agree in libertarian principles
  • Law is defined as a concrete body of rules that permits a group of people that want to be able to cooperate to be able to do so
  • Jeff asks if it is necessary for everyone to agree with libertarian philosophy in order to have a free society 
  • Stephan thinks that a majority of people already have libertarian principles but have not been educated correctly in constancy
  • He is more optimistic that most because he sees more people not accepting central planning than in the past
  • Jeff thinks that there could be a backlash against free market ideas during a financial collapse where the people believe capitalism is to blame
  • Stephan hopes that people will slowly find the state to be irrelevant and this will bring about a free society
  • Jeff thinks that there will be a financial collapse that will make this transition unpredictable
  • Stephan is an expert in libertarian Intellectual Property theory
  • He explains the principles of property law
  • What most people think is law today is not what law would be based on in a libertarian society
  • Stephan explains the problem with legal and economic positivism 
  • The proper libertarian view is to be opposed to making law through legislation
  • The problem with intellectual property is that you are able to use the force of the government against someone who has not aggressed against you
  • Stephan explains the problems with the utilitarian Intellectual property justification
  • The intellectual property system forces everyone to participate even if they don’t agree with it

Stephan is doing astounding work in libertarian legal theory you can find more in formation on his sites:

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PFS 2012 Videos: Andy Duncan, “Liberty & Literature”

I’m NEVER going to watch this, but you might want to:

Andy Duncan, “Liberty & Literature”, PFS 2012 from Property & Freedom Society on Vimeo.

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Depardieu defects to Russia

In this topsy-turvy world, in which the west becomes ever more communist and the east becomes ever more capitalist, Gerard Depardieu has just defected to Russia.

You’ll notice that not a single western MSM news agency (that I know of) used the word ‘defection’, when reporting this story, instead telling us about what mafia-gang politicians in France think of Depardieu’s ‘treachery’ in refusing to fund their criminal protection racket that pays them all such handsome salaries, expenses, and pensions.

Perhaps this is how Pravda and Izvestia used to report defections the other way around, in the 1970s, back in the USSR.

And if you thought I wrote that last sentence just so I could squeeze in a Beatles lyric, then that would be a hard day’s night.

Read Jeff Berwick’s take on this hilarious Depardieuian event.

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PFS 2012 Videos: Rahim Taghizadegan, “Understanding Iran & the Iranians”

For those who are interested, this also contains a little Persian mythology, which is superb! 🙂

Rahim Taghizadegan, “Understanding Iran & the Iranians”, PFS 2012 from Property & Freedom Society on Vimeo.

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