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Bad Boys Embry and Sprott back on King World News

My two favourite regular guests on KWN, have both been on recently, with excellent analyses of the current world financial situation, to wreck the myth of Arcadia that the globalist parasites are desperately trying to paint. Here’s my absolute favourite … Continue reading

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Jim Grant speaks truth to power and gives the New York Fed a “Piece of my mind”

The imperial power of the Federal Reserve is, for some reason, asking its sternest critics to come along and tell them what they think of it. Jim Grant took hold of the chance with both lenses of his spectacles. A … Continue reading

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EU Unraveling – Now It’s Holland’s Turn

The Daily Bell tells us what’s really going on, in the Netherlands.

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The democracy scam continues

On my way to Heathrow, this morning, my taxi driver unfortunately was listening to a BBC call-in show, called ‘The Nicky Campbell Show’. There are all sorts of homesteading issues within a taxi driver’s vehicle, and all sorts of easement … Continue reading

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Australia & Hong Kong Special: Upcoming ‘Radio Free Market World Report’

After another long rest, I’m going to be doing an ‘Australia & Hong Kong Special’ podcast soon, with Benjamin Marks, editor of new magazine Capitalism HK, on all propertarian things to do with Capitalism HK, Hong Kong, and Australia. If … Continue reading

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Hong Kong Calling: Capitalism HK

The first edition of a great new magazine has just been produced, by my friend and one of Australia’s finest, Benjamin Marks. It aims to defend Hong Kong and provide an alternative to ‘The Economist’ and several other similar publications. … Continue reading

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Spanish government bans its own fiat cash

Spain, a country once famous for its precious metals currency, is now so enfeebled by the cancer of government and the forty-one year globalist experiment in global fiat currency, that the Spanish government is about to ban its own paper … Continue reading

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Après Moi, le Déluge

David Galland, of Casey Research, explains why democracy may be a god which is about to destroy France.

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Detlev Schlichter: Why gold is my favourite asset

The former high-flying bank trader explains why the yellow metal is his investment vehicle of choice. But if you want to hear someone who is really keen on gold, try Stephen Leeb, on King World News: I’m going all-in gold … Continue reading

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G Edward Griffin: Creature From Jekyll Island, A Second Look at the Federal Reserve

G Edward Griffin explains all about the Federal Reserve, in this great ‘weekend viewing’ video:

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