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Niall Ferguson On China’s Gold And The “Tremendous Flux In International Order”

Alasdair Macleod interviews the scholar Niall Ferguson on the subjects of China, Japan, and Europe: Episode 69: Harvard Professor Niall Ferguson talks to GoldMoney’s Alasdair Macleod about global politics, with special emphasis on China’s prospects and challenges in the years … Continue reading

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Is the Renminbi about to challenge the Dollar for global monetary supremacy?

My very good friend Michael McKay thinks so: The Race to Destroy Fiat Money will cause Gold to Win

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Deteriorating bonds and China: Bernanke will be forced into more quantitative easing

There’s an interesting analysis by John Hathaway, on King World News, about the corner Ben Bernanke has painted himself into recently, with his statement that he may not engage in any more quantitative easing. Hathaway’s basic position is that as … Continue reading

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Marc Faber: Be Careful, The Chinese Economy May Crash

The celestial Maestro casts his all-seeing eye upon the world, and the world is found wanting: Marc Faber – Be Careful, The Chinese Economy May Crash, Interview on King World News with Eric King, Wednesday, November 30, 2011 Highlights: Chinese … Continue reading

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