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The Euroland Shuffle – Dance floor classics

As Europe collapses, France runs out of money so turns to socialism, Spain disintegrates on its way to 30% unemployment, Greece heads towards revolution, Germany moves towards turning its back on Euroland, and Britain descends into a pit of mindless … Continue reading

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Après Moi, le Déluge

David Galland, of Casey Research, explains why democracy may be a god which is about to destroy France.

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France Downgraded by S&P

How will the paper money printers stop more of these coqs coming home to roost? It should be fun to watch over the next few months. Enjoy the show.

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Europe’s Two Endgames

Uncle Gary North thinks the EU crisis end is near, though he’s unsure which way it will go; collapsed French banking system or German superstate? That it should come to this.

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