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PFS 2012 Videos: The Hayek Myth

Hoppe on Hayek. Unmissable: Hans Hermann Hoppe2 from Property & Freedom Society on Vimeo.

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Hayek: Masters of money

There was an extraordinary programme on the BBC last night discussing the life and times of Friedrich von Hayek. Although subjecting Von Mises to the usual ‘unperson’ treatment, in which Hayek is treated as the absolute centre of the Austrian … Continue reading

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Ich bin ein Österreicher

You may have heard that a senior member of a major German bank has announced that he is an Austrian, in the sense that Murray Rothbard was an Austrian, as opposed to Arnold Schwarzenegger being an Austrian. Well, if you … Continue reading

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Dominic Frisby: Why Gold is the Currency of the Free

I have just discovered an astonishingly good 22-minute speech by Dominic Frisby, delivered in the UK earlier this year, at the Cheviot Sound Money Conference, in London’s splendid Guildhall, by one of the UK’s leading voice-over artists. [Does this make … Continue reading

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