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James Turk, on Anarchast

Oh, those grey London skies. But a great interview, with anarcho-capitalist James Turk…

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James Turk: Human action of central banking propaganda operatives

On King World News, James Turk comments upon the strange case of the western central banks getting so nervous about their foreign exchange scams unwinding in public, that they ordered the Queen of England to wander around the only vault … Continue reading

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Eric Sprott: The Silver Shorts are Trapped

If it’s true that the shadowy ‘Bank of International Settlements’ has been globally planning the prices of precious metals via its subservient central planners at the world’s central banks, then lots of gold and silver has been ‘leased’ (i.e. given) … Continue reading

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Jim Willie: US recovery is a fairy tale

If you need to fill in a spare hour this morning, a great way to fill it would be to listen to Alasdair Macleod’s interview with Jim Willie, a.k.a. “The Golden Jackass”. The interview is divided into two half-hour parts: … Continue reading

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New Downfall Video Imminent: Germany’s gold has gone AWOL!

Uncle Gerald has one or two points to make about James Turk’s claim that the German government has lost all of its overseas gold, leased out and then sold by the bullion banks: It’s not just Germany’s Gold That’s Missing, … Continue reading

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Jean-Marie Eveillard: Keynes was a crank

More good listening on King World News, as Jean-Marie Eveillard discusses gold manipulation, global money printing, and the nature of our enemy: What to focus on in the gold market right now, & more, October 16, 2012

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Dominic Frisby: Why our money is diseased and in need of reform

An excellent podcast from GoldMoney’s Dominic Frisby: Here’s the blurb: “Dominic Frisby reads from his book Life After The State that talks about our social systems of government, welfare and money. The chapter talks about the beginnings of money and … Continue reading

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