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Keiser Report: Copyright Dictatorship & Jack-Booted Accountants

Max gets into the evils of copyright, in this latest Keiser Report, plus in part 2, precious metals market manipulation.

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Keiser Report: Kill Hollywood!

Max and Stacy explain, via copyright laws, how Hollywood, Wall Street, and Washington are tied together in a nexus of diminishing U.S. government power, as its currency collapses, and how the attempts to cut off Iran from the dollar are … Continue reading

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Now they’re coming at us down the wires

I did imply recently that the best way to keep yourself safe from the U.S. government was to keep at least an ocean between yourself and it. But as you may have read recently, a man in England, Richard O’Dwyer, … Continue reading

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Max Keiser: The dangers of copyright

Max Keiser devotes an entire programme to the medieval guild horror that is the demon squid of the copyright industry, which wants to destroy the Internet and jail people for years because they refuse to prop up $20 million dollar … Continue reading

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Keiser Report: Ideas for Revolution

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert kick off their latest show with an interesting discussion about who owns the copyright on a photo of an Indonesian monkey; Stephan Kinsella might want to put a picture of this celebrated monkey on the … Continue reading

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