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GoldMoney podcast: Andy Duncan on the Sword of Marathon

Episode 82: GoldMoney’s Dominic Frisby interviews Andy Duncan (alias Jack England), the author of Sword of Marathon. They talk about Andy’s motivation to write the book, the story plot and his decision to self-publish. Sword of Marathon is a libertarian … Continue reading

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Rothbardian Novel: Sword of Marathon

My very good friend, Mr Jack England, has finally published his first novel, Sword of Marathon, after years of my trying to persuade him to do so. Although he was very insistent on the book being first and foremost a … Continue reading

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Spain IS Greece: The Financial Highlights of the Latest EU Bailout

The latest nonsense from the clutching-at-straws buffoons at the EU and IMF, and their ridiculous bailout of Spain, as analysed by those splendid chaps at ZeroHedge. Italy’s next.

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Eric Sprott: Spain reaches Minsky tipping point

According to Eric Sprott and David Baker, of Sprott Asset Management, the game is up, for Spain. Here’s a quote: “Meanwhile, in Spain, bank depositors have been pulling money out of the recently nationalized Bankia bank, which is the fourth … Continue reading

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End of civilisation nigh: Inevitable that Greek government will soon have to match its spending to its tax receipts!

Quelle horreur! Surely governments can just borrow their silly monopoly money forever, print their silly monopoly money forever, and spend this silly monopoly money forever! How dare Rob Arnott suggest on King World News that governments should not only match … Continue reading

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James Turk: Escalating Bank Runs, Gold, Silver, Miners, & More

Among other things in his latest King World News interview, the Turkster postulates that even when the rulers of the Euro Reich impose their bank holiday onto Greece, to transition that country from the Euro to the Drachma, they will … Continue reading

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Nigel Farage – Break up the euro and restore human dignity

The heroic Nigel Farage once again tells the Euro Reich’s emperors that not only are they wearing no clothes, but that their nudity is revolting. And watch the way he squashes the comfortable Greek quisling. And here is Mr Farage … Continue reading

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It’s all Greek to me!

The Globalist Keynesian Statist Mafia are either maliciously confusing cause and effect or stupidly confusing cause and effect. Detlev Schlichter explains why and how.

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Euro bank holidays ahead

And no, we’re not talking about the nice kind of English bank holiday in the sunshine. We’re talking about the kind of ‘bank holiday’ where you are frozen out of your own assets, and then these assets are stripped of … Continue reading

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Quarter of deposits withdrawn from Greek banks

I’m surprised it’s only a quarter. HT to SR

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