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Was Tolkien a Hoppeian before Hoppe?

Many believers in a totally voluntary society (to use Ralph Raico’s great phrase) are also committed followers of the works of J.R.R.Tolkien. You’ll see these people in the cinema after three hours of ‘The Hobbit’ waiting for more, whilst all … Continue reading

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PFS 2012 Videos: The Hayek Myth

Hoppe on Hayek. Unmissable: Hans Hermann Hoppe2 from Property & Freedom Society on Vimeo.

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Danger: Hoppe at work

Below, at the authors’ request, I’ve republished a recent sad but important article about the European Students For Liberty conference in Stockholm, by Joakim Fagerstrom and Joakim Kampe: Hoppe’s Dangerous Books A few months ago we were invited to speak … Continue reading

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Inside the conspiracy: Property and Freedom Society, Bodrum, Turkey, 2012

In my article last year entitled Outside the Asylum, I described the joys of being alive at Professor Hans-Hermann Hoppe’s annual Property and Freedom Society conference, held in the beautiful Turkish harbour town of Bodrum, at the Hotel Karia Princess. … Continue reading

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Professor Hoppe: The Great Fiction

The professor’s new book is out in English, from Laissez Faire books. Read all about it, here. Here are just some of the things the book is about: Three marks of a state (that the state does not advertise) Why … Continue reading

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Hoppe World emerging? Honduras sets stage for three privately run cities

The caveats about ‘resident rights’ and ‘future voting’ suggest that this is less than ideal, but if it works out, the constellation of Neo-Micro-Hoppeian territories could add three new members, to go along with Hong Kong, Singapore, Monaco, Andorra, Liechtenstein, … Continue reading

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Interview with Professor Hans-Hermann Hoppe – Producers against parasites: a call for class struggle

UPDATE: There is a much more polished and accurate version of the below translation, by Robert Groezinger, HERE. Professor Hoppe has been interviewed in German, here. Because I’m flying to Heidelberg tomorrow, and to provide a TheGodThatFailed service, I thought … Continue reading

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Anarcho-capitalist libertarianism: What is it? Hoppe Radio Interview on Australian Broadcasting Corp.

From the Property and Freedom Society: “Professor Hoppe was previously interviewed on Australian Broadcasting Corp. Radio, on the topic “Anarcho-capitalist libertarianism: What is it?” (approx. 25 minutes). It was aired on Jan. 23, 2012; audio is available here. As described … Continue reading

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Professor Hans-Hermann Hoppe: How Mises Rebuilt Economics

The Professor’s latest article, on Mises.org.

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Professor Hoppe: The Advantages of Small States and the Dangers of Centralization

Continuing our theme from yesterday, on micro-states and mega-states, I thought it might be potentially enlightening for us to celebrate Christmas by as well as watching the latest Harry Potter video on the destruction of the fascist mega-state of Lord … Continue reading

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