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Jeffrey Tucker at the Daily Bell: Laissez Faire Books, Intellectual Property Rights and ‘Beautiful Anarchy’

An excellent interview with Jeff Tucker, at the Daily Bell.

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EU Unraveling – Now It’s Holland’s Turn

The Daily Bell tells us what’s really going on, in the Netherlands.

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Scratching at the Plutocracy

Call them whatever you will – the global kleptocratic elite, the plutocracy, the black church, the illuminati, the Bilderbergers, or the main feast of the day at the Daily Bell – it’s sometimes hard to find out who these people … Continue reading

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German politicians threaten to make England part of Euroland

So, history is rhyming again. Here’s a quote: “In a chilling threat to UK sovereignty, German finance minister Wolfgang Schauble predicted that all Europe would one day use the single currency. “It will happen perhaps faster than some in the … Continue reading

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Thomas Jacob on the New Swiss Gold Franc, Why the EU Is a Bad Idea and Why an IMF Managed Currency Would Be Tragic

My friend Thomas Jacob, a modern day William Tell, is interviewed by The Daily Bell about his progressing plan to introduce a gold franc into Switzerland: Thomas Jacob, with Anthony Wile, 14th August, 2011 You might also like to hear … Continue reading

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David Cameron marches the UK further down the Road to Serfdom

The über-cerebral Daily Bell are quick to spot David Cameron’s hypocrisy, when it comes to supporting the further dictatorial integration of the EUSSR: “Unable to pretend anymore to the British people that the Tories are anything more than a “controlled” … Continue reading

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