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PFS 2012 Videos: Norman Stone, “Comparative History, Turkey & Spain”

The splendid Professor Norman Stone, who was such a gentleman that he bought me a bottle of cold beer after this speech. There can be no finer thing… Norman Stone, “Comparative History, Turkey & Spain”, PFS 2012 from Property & … Continue reading

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€95 billion left for Italy

Something of the circular nature of the recent EU ‘bailout’ of the Spanish government (read, “Money Printing”) can be seen in the diagram above. However, even if you choose to believe that the various bailout funds just tapped by the … Continue reading

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Spain IS Greece: The Financial Highlights of the Latest EU Bailout

The latest nonsense from the clutching-at-straws buffoons at the EU and IMF, and their ridiculous bailout of Spain, as analysed by those splendid chaps at ZeroHedge. Italy’s next.

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Eric Sprott: Spain reaches Minsky tipping point

According to Eric Sprott and David Baker, of Sprott Asset Management, the game is up, for Spain. Here’s a quote: “Meanwhile, in Spain, bank depositors have been pulling money out of the recently nationalized Bankia bank, which is the fourth … Continue reading

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The Euroland Shuffle – Dance floor classics

As Europe collapses, France runs out of money so turns to socialism, Spain disintegrates on its way to 30% unemployment, Greece heads towards revolution, Germany moves towards turning its back on Euroland, and Britain descends into a pit of mindless … Continue reading

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Spanish government bans its own fiat cash

Spain, a country once famous for its precious metals currency, is now so enfeebled by the cancer of government and the forty-one year globalist experiment in global fiat currency, that the Spanish government is about to ban its own paper … Continue reading

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Hey, I thought the Euro cisis was over?

With little surprise to any Austrian, the Euro crisis is back on again. Former heavyweight bond trader, Herr Detlev Schlichter investigates: Please don’t call this capitalism! Favourite quote: “I have absolutely no problem with people earning a lot of money, … Continue reading

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