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GoldMoney podcast: Doug French’s top ten books on money

My latest GoldMoney podcast, this time with Mr Doug French: Episode 66: GoldMoney’s Andy Duncan speaks to Doug French about his 10 favourite books written by Austrian school economists on the subject of money. Mr French is the senior editor … Continue reading

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Murray Rothbard: A Tribute to Ludwig von Mises

The audio quality is rough, with occasional cut-outs, but the textual quality of the speech is outstanding: Here’s the YouTube blurb: Murray Rothbard was a prolific author, an Austrian economist, and a promoter of free market anarchism, which he called … Continue reading

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Beam me up, Ludwig

It used to be great, to be an Austrian. In 1940, there used to be just two, Mises and Hayek, and since Hayek was in reality a socialist, there was actually only one, Mises. And that’s true hard core, the … Continue reading

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Radio Free Market World Report: Our Man in Belgium

I thought I would get behind my podcasting microphone after a break, for Radio Free Market World Report, and examine the situation in the EU with my good friend, Vincent J. de Roeck. Vincent is the former Director of Programmes … Continue reading

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The Rise of the Global Zombie Banks

We used to mock the Japanese for creating a plethora of Zombie Banks at the start of their two lost decades, but it appears that the American and European governments wish to walk down the same path of morbidity into … Continue reading

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Judge Napolitano: The Austrians Were Right

An astonishing monologue, below, by Judge Napolitano. Yes, it’s more US-centric than what I’ll usually post on this site, but it is still astonishing nevertheless and required viewing by all Misesians. And yes, the Judge is right. The Austrians were … Continue reading

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