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Bloomberg: EU Said to Consider Delay in Basel Rules for Up to a Year

Yes, the EU’s banking ‘system’, such as it is, is a house of cards. The merest puff of wind could blow it all away. Read between the lines of this Bloomberg report, and all will become clear.

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G. Edward Griffin: Shock News Just In! The Federal Reserve Is a Cartel

The splendid author of The Creature from Jekyll Island, G. Edward Griffin, fills us in on the financial monster of legalised plunder at the heart of the world’s economic troubles:

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James Grant: We are now all lab rats of Benjamin Bernanke

A fighter with Jeff Tucker for the title of ‘Most Famous Hard-Money Bow-Tie Wearer in the World’, Jim Grant manages to broadcast some truth on CNBC, for which he ought to be awarded a medal; preferably one made of gold:

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Schlichter: This will end badly

Herr Schlichter dissects the latest ramblings from the mighty bearded technocrat of Princeton. Oh, how we should weep in lamentation, as the paper money collapse is given a kick further down into the rabbit hole of its own inevitable oblivion: … Continue reading

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Nigel Farage destroys Barroso’s State of the Union

The splendid Mr Farage speaks truth to power. You may particularly want to watch the way he squashes the irritating questioning bug at the end. Marvellous.

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Auf Wieder Sehen, Deutschland: Top German court approves €500 billion eurozone bailout

Oh dear. Some more state deities in robes have confirmed that the state is omnipotent, as heavily-pressured German judges have done what their paymasters wanted, and approved the German government’s plans to sell the German folk down the Napoleonic river … Continue reading

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Draghi: ECB to counter ‘unfounded fears’ with unlimited cash

The ongoing latest, from Herr Schlichter, on the continuing debasement of western paper money, as the EUSSR’s central planners grease it on its quickening road towards its intrinsic value of what soviet paper money used to be worth. That’s to … Continue reading

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