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John Embry: Gold demand to overwhelm manipulators and more

My favourite King World News guest, John Embry, is bang on form with his latest interview on KWN. Before listening, I want you to ask yourself whether Mr Embry thinks the latest U.S. unemployments statistics are a preposterous fabrication designed … Continue reading

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The Chinese have no intrinsic immunity to recession

The Frontiersman, John Embry, is back on King World News with a bang. Here’s the highlights of his Austrian-based analysis (my additions in brackets): Italy is next, after Spain, and then France, as each requires a massive ECB bailout (funded … Continue reading

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John Embry and James Turk on why the Gold Bull Market isn’t Over

Two of my favourite elder statesmen of the gold bug movement tell us their latest thoughts. I was particularly struck by the carefree nature of the splendid Mr Embry’s frontiersman hair: Here’s the blurb: This conversation between James Turk and … Continue reading

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Bad Boys Embry and Sprott back on King World News

My two favourite regular guests on KWN, have both been on recently, with excellent analyses of the current world financial situation, to wreck the myth of Arcadia that the globalist parasites are desperately trying to paint. Here’s my absolute favourite … Continue reading

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Latest betting on re-emergence of Drachma: March 23rd

If I was Greek and still held savings in Euros, inside Greece, inside Greek banks, then I would be getting all of it out now, and into an account in Berlin, in Germany, or into gold in Switzerland, if that’s … Continue reading

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The best looking horse in the glue factory

My favourite regular guest on KWN, John Embry, describes how the currency war is going between all the major paper currencies, as well as describing the latest buying opportunities in gold and silver: Tremendous Manipulation of Gold & Silver, Extreme … Continue reading

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John Embry: They’ll keep kicking the can, but that can is now a two-ton boulder

King World News released an excellent interview this morning with the Mises-quoting ‘Big Austrian Economics Supporter’, John Embry, the Chief Investment Analyst at the multi-billion dollar Sprott Asset Management. There’s some excellent Keynesian-bashing and descriptions of the emperor’s hilarious nudity, … Continue reading

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