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Eric Sprott: The Silver Shorts are Trapped

If it’s true that the shadowy ‘Bank of International Settlements’ has been globally planning the prices of precious metals via its subservient central planners at the world’s central banks, then lots of gold and silver has been ‘leased’ (i.e. given) … Continue reading

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GoldMoney podcast: Ron Paul on sound money prospects in the USA

My latest podcast, with Congressman Ron Paul. Episode 71: Following his “Farewell to Congress” speech last week, Congressman Ron Paul talks to GoldMoney’s Andy Duncan about the achievements and legacy of his recent presidential campaign — particularly in the context … Continue reading

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Doug Casey: Profiting from Government Stupidity

Louis James and Uncle Doug tell us how to profit from the enormous stupidities of Princeton’s Helicopter Ben:

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GOTM: Gospel Of The Mogambo

Once again, the Mogambo haileth us from on high to speaketh, and we humble JMRs must thereforeth listen with all due reverence: The Mogambo Speaketh!

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The Chinese have no intrinsic immunity to recession

The Frontiersman, John Embry, is back on King World News with a bang. Here’s the highlights of his Austrian-based analysis (my additions in brackets): Italy is next, after Spain, and then France, as each requires a massive ECB bailout (funded … Continue reading

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The Silver Circle: How silver could once again become currency

A new animated movie due out in the autumn, Silver Circle, explains how an underground silver currency replaces the paper fiat dollar in 2019. The movie’s producer, Pasha Roberts, talk to GoldMoney’s Alasdair Macleod about the movie and everything behind … Continue reading

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Tax payers versus tax eaters, Shrinking Eurozone, and Rapacious welfare state governments

The Turkster predicts a shrunken Eurozone when Germany decides to protect itself from hyperinflation by sloughing off Club O’Med. He also provides several investment ideas, to protect yourself from the ensuing chaos, but I’m sure you already know what they … Continue reading

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