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GoldMoney podcast: Peter Schiff on America’s coming bankruptcy

My latest GoldMoney podcast, with the remarkable Mr Peter Schiff… GoldMoney’s Andy Duncan talks to Peter Schiff about the upcoming “fiscal cliff” in the United States, and how precious metals investors should manage their way through it. They also talk … Continue reading

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US ‘to return to gold standard within two years’, says Euro Pacific Capital chief Peter Schiff

Never one to hold back, if something’s on his chest, Mr Peter Schiff makes a bold prediction, in the Telegraph. HT to AH

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Schiff: This economy needs QE the same way a heroin addict needs the next fix

The shy and reclusive Der Schiffmeister reluctantly speaks on King World News about his view on the state of the world, in his usual understated and deprecated way: Peter Schiff, What I’m doing with my dollars, Market rollover, QE3 bottom, … Continue reading

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Peter Schiff: How an Economy Grows and Why It Crashes

Stop all the clocks, cut off the telephone, and prevent the dog from barking with a juicy bone. Because where there used to be just two standard economics primers that the aspiring Austrian student could get started with, there are … Continue reading

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Light the blue touch paper and stand well back

Two of my favourite Americans, Lew Rockwell and Peter Schiff, get together to discuss life, the universe, & everything. Well, Lew Rockwell points the spectacular and remarkable human firework, known as Peter Schiff, in a few random directions to see … Continue reading

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Robert Higgs on Economic Intervention, as interviewed by Tom Woods

Tom Woods steps in for Der SchiffMeister, on the Peter Schiff Radio Show, and interviews Bob Higgs, the splendid author of Crisis and Leviathan. They walk through various malodorous poppy fields of Krugman-blended distortion, replanting them with seeds of truth … Continue reading

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Peter Schiff: Austerity for the government is liberty for everyone else

Peter Schiff cuts through all the flim-flam of Kafkaesque Keynesian propaganda in his usual superb way: This Unstable House of Cards is Going to Implode, Gold, Silver & More, Peter Schiff interviewed by Eric King on King World News, Wednesday, … Continue reading

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