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Thought Crime of the Day

Apparently, a man in Scotland had just been cleared of assaulting a football manager in Scotland, despite assaulting him in plain view in front of tens of thousands of witnesses, because some pygmy state politicians wanted to increase his possible … Continue reading

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Please please me

Tyler Durden, of ZeroHedge, predicts that the EU and the rotten pre-bancor Euro currency may die as early as the 23rd of September: September 23: The Beginning Of The End For Merkel… And The Eurozone? No doubt, the central planners … Continue reading

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Hans-Hermann Hoppe: Property and the Social Order

The Good Professor spoke recently at the 2011 Mises University in Auburn, Alabama. If you’ve not seen the professor before, stretch your thinking muscles by watching the great man in action:

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Ben Davies: We see unprecedented physical gold demand

KWN favourite, Ben Davies, fills us in on another rollercoaster week for the world’s major currencies as they first of all shot up against gold, and then fell over again. Davies thinks we will see $2,000 or $2,100 dollar gold … Continue reading

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Cameron Insistence on Spending Cuts Questioned by Allies as Economy Sags

Various dim-witted Conliberal and Labservative pinheads continue to argue about which of their little deckchair empires should be preserved, as the ship of the British economy continues to sink inexorably into a sea of paper money, endless regulations, and choking … Continue reading

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Tullett Prebon: Might there be no way out for Britain?

The UK’s leading inter-dealer broker spells it out in Project Armageddon: “We conclude that Britain’s debts are unsupportable without sustained economic growth, and that the economy, as currently configured, is aligned against growth. Radical solutions are required if a debt … Continue reading

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Max Keiser Back on Form

After a few good-but-average programmes, recently, Sir Max Keiser and Lady Stacy Herbert are back on cracking top-notch form in this latest outing of the Keiser Report: You can find the mentioned Jim Rickards interview, here.

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Jim Rickards: The first major currency to go towards gold backing will be the only currency that anyone wants

Although this blog will eventually get to other subjects other than the rather narrow topic of gold money, this is another video in the recent Turk series, this time with Jim Rickards, in which Mr Rickards is brave enough to … Continue reading

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The Emperor Has Lost His Clothes

James Turk interviews regular KWN-favourites Jim Sinclair, John Embry, and Eric Sprott about the current financial situation in the world, at the recent GATA conference. I won’t trouble you by reviewing what they say, as you can probably guess most … Continue reading

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Thomas Jacob on the New Swiss Gold Franc, Why the EU Is a Bad Idea and Why an IMF Managed Currency Would Be Tragic

My friend Thomas Jacob, a modern day William Tell, is interviewed by The Daily Bell about his progressing plan to introduce a gold franc into Switzerland: Thomas Jacob, with Anthony Wile, 14th August, 2011 You might also like to hear … Continue reading

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