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Dr Doug McGuff: The moral hazards and destructive economics of collectivised health care

Body by Science author, Dr Doug McGuff, explains in several YouTubes how the state takes over and destroys the health of any nation. He uses the ongoing destruction of health care in the United States, as an example, but we … Continue reading

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Dr Doug McGuff: Where do politicians come from?

The good doctor explains where politicians come from. The best line comes last: HT to SS

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Dr Doug McGuff: The essence of capitalism is kindness

My favourite doctor on this good green Earth, Dr Doug McGuff, explains the true nature of capitalism, in perhaps the most succinct way I have ever seen it done. He even manages to squeeze in part of the Austrian theory … Continue reading

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Paleo corner: Dr Doug McGuff interviewed on Bulletproof Executive

My favourite doctor in the entire world, Dr Doug McGuff, lays out his entire ‘Body by Science’ programme in this Bulletproof Executive interview. For those interested in all things Paleo and Primal, this is an excellent introduction to the world … Continue reading

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Biochemistry of the Paleo Diet

Slightly off-topic, I know, but this is an amazing lecture about the biochemistry of the cell, by Dr Doug McGuff, and why everything you may have thought you knew about exercise, fitness, and health, as taught to you by the … Continue reading

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