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Move along folks, no conspiracies here

Apparently, Mervyn King, really is ruler of the world. At least, that’s what this Wall Street Journal article seems to imply: Inside the Risky Bets of Central Banks Hilarious bungling from the world’s central planners. And never a thought, of … Continue reading

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Fed’s Fisher: Central Bank Can’t Save US from ‘Fiscal Perdition’

It would seem that some of the wizards behind the green curtain at the Fed are beginning to worry about continuously feeding the beast with yet more paper money. Has it been fed enough? It seems that they are very … Continue reading

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The crack cocaine of endless cheap cash

Herr Schlichter discusses the ever-accelerating money printing cycle that is bringing financial disaster to the entire western world closer by the day. Don’t ever say in the future we didn’t warn you. We saw it coming all the time. Or … Continue reading

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Bloomberg: EU Said to Consider Delay in Basel Rules for Up to a Year

Yes, the EU’s banking ‘system’, such as it is, is a house of cards. The merest puff of wind could blow it all away. Read between the lines of this Bloomberg report, and all will become clear.

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Schlichter: This will end badly

Herr Schlichter dissects the latest ramblings from the mighty bearded technocrat of Princeton. Oh, how we should weep in lamentation, as the paper money collapse is given a kick further down into the rabbit hole of its own inevitable oblivion: … Continue reading

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Nigel Farage destroys Barroso’s State of the Union

The splendid Mr Farage speaks truth to power. You may particularly want to watch the way he squashes the irritating questioning bug at the end. Marvellous.

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More QE is on the way: The central banks are digging themselves a deeper hole

Herr Schlichter comes back from Africa to see that the financial world is in an even deeper hole than when he left. Favourite quote: “QE – and zero interest rates – is the policy equivalent of crack cocaine.”

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