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SoundMoneyShow.Com: CODE RED, protect your savings – John Mauldin Interview

Andrew Duncan speaks with Mauldin Economics founder, John Mauldin about his recent book; Code Red, central banking practices, and how investors should position themselves in the face of a potential coming monetary crisis.

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GoldMoney podcast: James Turk: “A lot of central bank gold is missing”

My latest GoldMoney podcast, this time on my best behaviour with GoldMoney Chairman, James Turk… GoldMoney’s Andy Duncan speaks to James Turk, Chairman of GoldMoney and co-author of The Collapse of the Dollar (2004), about his claim that central banks … Continue reading

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PFS 2012 Videos: Thorsten Polleit, “What do Bankers Know about Money & Banking?”

He looks so respectable. And yet his speech is as radical as they come. High quality Austrian Economics that Mises would have loved… Thorsten Polleit from Property & Freedom Society on Vimeo.

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Jim Rickards: Inflation Engineering and how to generate Financial Repression

To quote from Wikipedia: “Financial repression is a term used to describe several measures which governments employ to channel funds to themselves which in a deregulated market would go elsewhere. Financial repression can be particularly effective at liquidating debt.” Jim … Continue reading

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