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GoldMoney Podcast: Guido Hülsmann on Mises’ invaluable legacy

My second podcast for GoldMoney, with the redoubtable Professor Jorg Guido Hülsmann: http://www.goldmoney.com/podcast/guido-huelsmann-on-mises-invaluable-legacy.html If you’ve ever wanted to hear the phrase intertemporal disequilibria spoken meaningfully within a coherent sentence, by a proper Austrian economist, all whilst describing the Austrian Theory … Continue reading

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Nigel Farage destroys Barroso’s State of the Union

The splendid Mr Farage speaks truth to power. You may particularly want to watch the way he squashes the irritating questioning bug at the end. Marvellous.

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Auf Wieder Sehen, Deutschland: Top German court approves €500 billion eurozone bailout

Oh dear. Some more state deities in robes have confirmed that the state is omnipotent, as heavily-pressured German judges have done what their paymasters wanted, and approved the German government’s plans to sell the German folk down the Napoleonic river … Continue reading

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Draghi: ECB to counter ‘unfounded fears’ with unlimited cash

The ongoing latest, from Herr Schlichter, on the continuing debasement of western paper money, as the EUSSR’s central planners grease it on its quickening road towards its intrinsic value of what soviet paper money used to be worth. That’s to … Continue reading

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Senior Illuminati Says Politburo Agree on Unlimited Money-Printing to Bail Out Themselves and Their Friends

Yes, the paper-money fetishists really are in charge of the econometric asylum. You don’t believe me? Read this and weep: Draghi Says Officials Agree on ECB Unlimited Bond-Buying (Bloomberg) Obviously, we could use democracy to prevent this madness. If you … Continue reading

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More QE is on the way: The central banks are digging themselves a deeper hole

Herr Schlichter comes back from Africa to see that the financial world is in an even deeper hole than when he left. Favourite quote: “QE – and zero interest rates – is the policy equivalent of crack cocaine.”

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Uncle Gary: European Central Bank is going to inflate, inflate, and inflate

Fine comedy writing, from Uncle Gary.

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The European Bailout-And-Borrow Train Has Run Out Of Track

The Prince of Light speaks truth to power. Note the Eurocrat’s rueful smile at the end.

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Euroland will pay for this monetary madness

Jeremy Warner, of the Telegraph, provides a good analysis of the latest ECB paperbug madness.

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Bernanke is a lunatic

I never usually push the King World News interviews with the heads and ex-heads of mining companies, as there’s normally too much puffing of their various books and share issues to wade through, to justify the useful nuggets of information … Continue reading

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