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US ‘to return to gold standard within two years’, says Euro Pacific Capital chief Peter Schiff

Never one to hold back, if something’s on his chest, Mr Peter Schiff makes a bold prediction, in the Telegraph. HT to AH

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Chairman of the Board: Doug Casey’s 10 Tips on Speculation and Life

For almost an hour, the Chairman speaks to Louis James about life, the universe, and everything. Splendid:

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The Bobster: On the Debt Crisis, the Great Depression, and Gold

Bob Murphy speaks to Alasdair Macleod, of GoldMoney, about the differences between Keynesianism and Austrianism, the current state of the financial world created by the Keynesians, and the crazy views of the cultish money-crank Keynesians on the Great Depression, another … Continue reading

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More QE is on the way: The central banks are digging themselves a deeper hole

Herr Schlichter comes back from Africa to see that the financial world is in an even deeper hole than when he left. Favourite quote: “QE – and zero interest rates – is the policy equivalent of crack cocaine.”

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Eric Sprott: Negative Interest Rate Policy, the Death Knell of the Financial System

The Two Erics get together again on King World News, to discuss negative interest rates around the world, and the pointlessness this engenders within the current financial system. Why should you give a pension fund manager all of your spare … Continue reading

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Rothbardian Novel: Sword of Marathon

My very good friend, Mr Jack England, has finally published his first novel, Sword of Marathon, after years of my trying to persuade him to do so. Although he was very insistent on the book being first and foremost a … Continue reading

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OTET: The Only True Economic Theory

The Mogambo Guru explains the current global fiscal situation, in terms of Austrian Economics, as only he can.

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Lance Armstrong and Kim Dotcom: Guilty Until Proven Innocent?

As a born-again occasional cyclist, I’ve found the hounding and continual persecution of Lance Armstrong rather disturbing. I’m glad he’s confounded the grey zombies who’ve been chasing him for many years, jealous of his fame and success, as compared to … Continue reading

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Democracy comes out of the barrel of a gun

Just for the quote in the title above, this Paul Craig Roberts article is worth reading: Amerika’s Future Is Death

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Professor Gerard Casey: Libertarian Anarchy – Against the State

Word reaches these towers, that Professor Gerard Casey has just published a new book, currently available on Libertarian Anarchy: Against the State The book will be available soon on In the meantime, you can ‘Look Inside’ the UK … Continue reading

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