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James Turk: Human action of central banking propaganda operatives

On King World News, James Turk comments upon the strange case of the western central banks getting so nervous about their foreign exchange scams unwinding in public, that they ordered the Queen of England to wander around the only vault … Continue reading

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2013 – Unlucky for some

On King World News, Egon von Greyerz is convinced that all the central planners’ bubbles are finally going to implode. So, what’s the answer to protect yourself? To ask the question is to know the answer. Clue: The four-letter word … Continue reading

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Eric Sprott: The Silver Shorts are Trapped

If it’s true that the shadowy ‘Bank of International Settlements’ has been globally planning the prices of precious metals via its subservient central planners at the world’s central banks, then lots of gold and silver has been ‘leased’ (i.e. given) … Continue reading

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Stephen Leeb: Gold fire sale, buy now!

Dr Stephen Leeb puts the smile back on Eric King’s face after a volatile weekend for the gold/dollar price.

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Missing In Action: Where is Germany’s Gold?

Here’s the James Turk interview, where he describes how the German government’s gold has gone missing: James Turk: 15,000 Tons of Western Central Bank Gold is Gone & Much More, KWN

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Nigel Farage: One world government stares us in the face

Has Mr Farage been reading The Daily Bell, with its slogan of Out of Chaos, Order? It certainly seems like that when you listen to this King World News interview, held with “Mr Gold” himself, Eric King. There’s much else … Continue reading

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Swiss gold franc gaining momentum

Kamerad Herr Thomas Jacob’s Swiss gold franc made a welcome appearance on King World News, this morning. Along with all other things gold-related, Eric King discusses this proposed new globally-accepted currency with his guest, Egon von Greyerz: Swiss moving to … Continue reading

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Jean-Marie Eveillard: Keynes was a crank

More good listening on King World News, as Jean-Marie Eveillard discusses gold manipulation, global money printing, and the nature of our enemy: What to focus on in the gold market right now, & more, October 16, 2012

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John Embry: Gold demand to overwhelm manipulators and more

My favourite King World News guest, John Embry, is bang on form with his latest interview on KWN. Before listening, I want you to ask yourself whether Mr Embry thinks the latest U.S. unemployments statistics are a preposterous fabrication designed … Continue reading

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Rob Arnott on KWN: Major defaults, German court decision, inflation, stock market, & more

Although I always try to let you know about KWN interviews with John Embry, James Turk, and Eric Sprott, I rarely put up those with Rob Arnott, as they remind me too much of reading ‘Security Analysis’ by Dodd and … Continue reading

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