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Oh dear God, will these idiot politicians never learn?

The raving lunatic and power-hungry nincompoop, David Cameron, is about to use massive British government subsidies to prop up house prices for anyone who’ll vote for either him or his moron friends in the conservative faction of the British government. … Continue reading

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Official: David Cameron lives in cloud-cuckoo land

Back in the studio, Max and Stacy spend a considerable amount of time in this report talking about the state of the UK, and its nincompoop political hacks, such as David Cameron and George Osborne. Max even gets so worked … Continue reading

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Government-measured price inflation closes in on 20-year high

As the government-manipulated figures of price inflation in the UK climb ever-higher (deliberately instigated by an HM Treasury department, sometimes known as the Bank of England, to wipe out government debt through financial repression), David Cameron has taken it upon … Continue reading

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David Cameron marches the UK further down the Road to Serfdom

The über-cerebral Daily Bell are quick to spot David Cameron’s hypocrisy, when it comes to supporting the further dictatorial integration of the EUSSR: “Unable to pretend anymore to the British people that the Tories are anything more than a “controlled” … Continue reading

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