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Swiss hero: Marc Faber

Check out this recent KWN quote from Marc Faber: “Central bankers are in this world to print money. They’re intellectually completely dishonest or incompetent. It’s all they know. They’ve never worked a day in their lives…They have never balanced their … Continue reading

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Marc Faber: Be Careful, The Chinese Economy May Crash

The celestial Maestro casts his all-seeing eye upon the world, and the world is found wanting: Marc Faber – Be Careful, The Chinese Economy May Crash, Interview on King World News with Eric King, Wednesday, November 30, 2011 Highlights: Chinese … Continue reading

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Marc Faber: “The Great Monetary Reset” Will Destroy Cash & More

The syrupy-voiced Eric King interviews the heroic Dr Marc Faber, who believes the U.S. government will raise the debt ceiling soon, and keep going with its imperial spending programme, because nobody ever wants to admit to failing. Dr Faber describes … Continue reading

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Marc Faber: Ben Bernanke doesn’t understand international economics

In the longest Marc Faber interview I have ever heard (53 minutes), on the Financial Sense Newshour, the colossally intelligent Doctor ranges across the entire world going backwards in time back to the 1960s and forward into the future to … Continue reading

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