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GoldMoney podcast: James Turk: “A lot of central bank gold is missing”

My latest GoldMoney podcast, this time on my best behaviour with GoldMoney Chairman, James Turk… GoldMoney’s Andy Duncan speaks to James Turk, Chairman of GoldMoney and co-author of The Collapse of the Dollar (2004), about his claim that central banks … Continue reading

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Fed’s Fisher: Central Bank Can’t Save US from ‘Fiscal Perdition’

It would seem that some of the wizards behind the green curtain at the Fed are beginning to worry about continuously feeding the beast with yet more paper money. Has it been fed enough? It seems that they are very … Continue reading

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Jeff Berwick: Hyperinflation, one world government, and a top in gold

The Duke of Acapulco is interviewed by InformedTrades.com: The topics discussed include: How the Duke got involved in the financial markets and created The Dollar Vigilante Why we will have hyperinflation in the future How Paul Volcker managed to allow … Continue reading

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Jeff Berwick’s gut feeling: US in hyperinflation in five years

Acapulco’s finest explains his thoughts on where the US economy is going and how to survive its government-induced hyperinflationary implosion:

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Senior Illuminati Says Politburo Agree on Unlimited Money-Printing to Bail Out Themselves and Their Friends

Yes, the paper-money fetishists really are in charge of the econometric asylum. You don’t believe me? Read this and weep: Draghi Says Officials Agree on ECB Unlimited Bond-Buying (Bloomberg) Obviously, we could use democracy to prevent this madness. If you … Continue reading

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The Chinese have no intrinsic immunity to recession

The Frontiersman, John Embry, is back on King World News with a bang. Here’s the highlights of his Austrian-based analysis (my additions in brackets): Italy is next, after Spain, and then France, as each requires a massive ECB bailout (funded … Continue reading

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Jeff Berwick: Volckerism impossible – hyperinflation only endgame left for western democracies

Jeff Berwick explains his thoughts on the Frankenstein economy known as ‘The Western World’. He does think we have a couple of years left, so if you agree, you might be interested in his advice on how to get through … Continue reading

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