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Hans-Hermann Hoppe: The Science of Human Action

The master’s latest speech. Hans-Hermann Hoppe presents the opening lecture of the 2011 Mises University, which includes an introduction by Mark Thornton. The professor begins with an autobiographical description of how he came to know Murrary Rothbard, and then moves … Continue reading

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One from the Vaults: Gordon Brown Finally Speaks The Truth

Between 1999 and 2002, Gordon Brown ordered the sale of 400 tons of gold from the British government’s supply, at an average price of $276 dollars an ounce, which was about the lowest price it reached in the last twenty … Continue reading

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Dominic Frisby: Why Gold is the Currency of the Free

I have just discovered an astonishingly good 22-minute speech by Dominic Frisby, delivered in the UK earlier this year, at the Cheviot Sound Money Conference, in London’s splendid Guildhall, by one of the UK’s leading voice-over artists. [Does this make … Continue reading

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Gold: Independent Money

In case you missed it, check out the splendid short video below:

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Marc Faber: “The Great Monetary Reset” Will Destroy Cash & More

The syrupy-voiced Eric King interviews the heroic Dr Marc Faber, who believes the U.S. government will raise the debt ceiling soon, and keep going with its imperial spending programme, because nobody ever wants to admit to failing. Dr Faber describes … Continue reading

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Getting closer: Where will you be when gold hits £1,000 pounds an ounce?

Not much longer to go now. I reckon about two weeks. It’s certainly going to be before my earlier Christmas 2012 expectation. UPDATE: After David Farrer’s comment, I realised I must’ve been on the plane to Kuwait, when it happened … Continue reading

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Keiser Report: Mass Psychosis

A revolutionary-looking Max Keiser and foxily-dressed Stacy Herbert discuss the mass psychosis afflicting western society, both of the propaganda sort and of the pharmaceutical sort, where 1 in 66 Americans is now described as psychotic by the U.S. psychiatric profession … Continue reading

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