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There has not been austerity in Europe since approximately 1914

Uncle Gary puts us straight on the continuing media usage and definition of the term austerity. By the way, in case you struggle on the usage of one of his adjectives, as I did, here’s the definition of its related … Continue reading

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Fare thee well, welfare!

Uncle Gary, with more on how and why the western world’s welfare Ponzi schemes are going to end: When Government Safety Nets Break Favourite quote: ‘Unlike Rome, the West’s intellectuals have defended the spread of the welfare state by means … Continue reading

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The end of the welfare state?

The governments in Europe have a stark choice, which they’re failing to reveal to the rest of us, says Uncle Gary North. Accept hyperinflation, and then the gold-based currency which will inevitably result at the end of that horror Stiff … Continue reading

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The Official Counterfeiter (1969): A Classic Cartoon Booklet on The Federal Reserve System Is Now Online

Gary North had uncovered a great resource, a 36-slide cartoon about the history of the Federal Reserve. You can download the PDF, here.

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French Fried Banks

The central banks of the world are in a pre-panic panic. Hence their recent machinations. At least, that’s the truth according to Uncle Gary North.

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Europe’s Two Endgames

Uncle Gary North thinks the EU crisis end is near, though he’s unsure which way it will go; collapsed French banking system or German superstate? That it should come to this.

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