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GoldMoney podcast: Aboveground gold stock likely smaller than commonly thought

Episode 78: GoldMoney’s Andy Duncan interviews James Turk, Chairman of GoldMoney and co-author of The Collapse of the Dollar, about his study of the aboveground global gold stock, gold’s role as money, and the coming fiat currency collapse. They discuss … Continue reading

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Murray N. Rothbard: The Fed and the Power Elite

Murray Rothbard examines the creation of the Federal Reserve, US government involvement in WWI and WWII, the crushing British recession in the 1920s, the Great American Depression in the 1930s, the Kennedy assassinations, the rise of technocracy, media manipulation of … Continue reading

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Gold heading towards magic $1,900 dollar region again

With the Fed telling everyone this week that it’s going to continue debasing the dollar, to buy Obama’s election at the end of the year, gold has rocketed. Which means I’m going to predict that Mr Eric King’s voice will … Continue reading

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Jim Rickards: Who Will Bail Out the Fed & How High for Gold?

In the end, the world’s central banks will simply ‘borrow’ SDRs from the IMF to keep the money printing scam going, but in the meantime, while all their grand plans fall around their ears as Mises said they would in … Continue reading

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What doesn’t Jim Rickards know?

Eric King recently asked Jim Rickards about a hundred and fifty questions covering everything you could possibly think of, if you’re a hard core gold bug watching ‘The Cartel’ trying to stop gold going permanently through the $1,900 dollars barrier. … Continue reading

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