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€95 billion left for Italy

Something of the circular nature of the recent EU ‘bailout’ of the Spanish government (read, “Money Printing”) can be seen in the diagram above. However, even if you choose to believe that the various bailout funds just tapped by the … Continue reading

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Hey, I thought the Euro cisis was over?

With little surprise to any Austrian, the Euro crisis is back on again. Former heavyweight bond trader, Herr Detlev Schlichter investigates: Please don’t call this capitalism! Favourite quote: “I have absolutely no problem with people earning a lot of money, … Continue reading

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The end of the welfare state?

The governments in Europe have a stark choice, which they’re failing to reveal to the rest of us, says Uncle Gary North. Accept hyperinflation, and then the gold-based currency which will inevitably result at the end of that horror Stiff … Continue reading

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Europe’s Two Endgames

Uncle Gary North thinks the EU crisis end is near, though he’s unsure which way it will go; collapsed French banking system or German superstate? That it should come to this.

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Keiser Report: Kleptocrats Go for Gold

Max gloats on his prediction that the global kleptocratic elites will steal the Italian government’s gold, via their technocrat placeman Three-Card Monti, in their bid to build their desired global kleptocratic kakistocracy: For UK buffs, there’s also a little coverage … Continue reading

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And so the Paso Doble begins in Spain, too…

“Spain and Italy’s borrowing costs soared as economists warned that Europe is sliding into recession and Angela Merkel defied intense pressure and ruled out issuing European-guaranteed debt” – Telegraph What fun. And if you doubted that our glorious EU masters … Continue reading

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