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David Cameron STFU meme goes viral

Max and Stacy have great fun at David Cameron’s expense (and Sarkozy’s and Merkel’s). Joyous:

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Detlev Schlichter: Europe’s future is coming into focus: hyperinflation

Once again, Herr Schlichter dissects the EU’s latest can-kicking escapade through the microscope of hard-core Austrian analysis. Here’s a quote: “What struck me most when reading the first responses to the EU summit was this: most of what you get … Continue reading

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And So They Line Up At The Concessions Trough: “Irish Spy Opportunity” In Greek Debt Blue Light Special

Tyler Durden has immense fun with the political gang boss clowns in the EU. All power to his elbow: And So They Line Up At The Concessions Trough: “Irish Spy Opportunity” In Greek Debt Blue Light Special

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Professor Hoppe: Why the State Demands Control of Money

Professor Hoppe writes about why the bandit mafia gang known as the state always seek to create a government monopoly in the production and control of money, in his usual insightful and concise way: Why the State Demands Control of … Continue reading

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James Turk’s Gold Index

There’s an excellent article by James Turk on the KWN blog: James Turk Report – Why Gold Will Go Above $11,000 Here’s a quote: “Having filled the role of international money for 5,000 years, gold has been supplanted by fiat … Continue reading

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Freedom = Democracy?

Whenever a Rothbardian hears phrases on the MSM such as ‘The government will today announce the people are free’, or ‘the move from the Gaddafi government to the national transitional government will be completed today’, or worst of all, ‘the … Continue reading

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Corrigan interview at GoldMoney: Part II

For those who enjoyed reading Part I of Mr Corrigan’s current thoughts on the global economy, Part II is now available. Here’s a quote: The goal of the authorities is to make every man a gambler or a wastrel, for … Continue reading

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John Embry: They’ll keep kicking the can, but that can is now a two-ton boulder

King World News released an excellent interview this morning with the Mises-quoting ‘Big Austrian Economics Supporter’, John Embry, the Chief Investment Analyst at the multi-billion dollar Sprott Asset Management. There’s some excellent Keynesian-bashing and descriptions of the emperor’s hilarious nudity, … Continue reading

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Corrigan: UK politicians will see inflation as the only way out for the SWINE

In part I of an interview with GoldMoney, Sean Corrigan dares to cast aspersions about our brave and wise political gang bosses in the United Kingdom: Do you expect to see Britain facing the kinds of problems that are currently … Continue reading

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Detlev Schlichter on Sky News with Jeff Randall

My apologies for missing this video, but Detlev Schlichter was recently on Sky News, with Jeff Randall, discussing his new book, Paper Money Collapse:

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