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The Mises Circle: Memoirs of Hayek in Chicago and Rothbard in New York

The archives on are an absolute treasure. Here are two of my favourite pieces. First, Ralph Raico describes his time with Murray Rothbard, and others, in the 1950s, in the Circle of Bastiat, in which all of the anarcho-capitalists … Continue reading

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Rockwell rocks

A full no-holds-barred shellacking from Lew Rockwell, aimed at those who get their kicks out of controlling the lives of other people for their own personal benefit, most of whom in the world were gathered recently at either the World … Continue reading

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Big Brother Loves You!

Detlev Schlichter tells it like it is, in his latest missive. Favourite quote: “But what does the sovereign do, the democratic masses? Well, they obey. Like obedient sheep they stand patiently in line at airports in the UK, the USA, … Continue reading

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The biter bit? Iran to cut off oil supplies to EU

When serial liar and all-round rotten egg, William Hague, British foreign secretary, started dancing for his American masters, in building up a worldwide block on Iranian oil exports, he probably thought it would be crumpets in Berlin by teatime. But … Continue reading

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Detlev Schlichter on Financial Sense Newshour

Detlev Schlichter speaks on the Financial Sense Newshour programme. Although as a hard-core Rothbardian myself*, on the issue of 100% reserves, I do have one or two quibbles on the edges, but in particular you will travel a long way … Continue reading

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Hey, I’m a YouTube!

Dear God. Look at those fifteen chins below. It’s an outrage. I really do need to get some decent photos done, as I’m about 14 pounds lighter than I was in that photo below. Hopefully, by Bodrum this year, I’ll … Continue reading

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Jim Rickards: Bernanke to print to support Obama election victory

Jim Rickards explains the Fed’s press conference this week, and what Bernanke is going to do, to buy Obama’s election, with a disguised form of QE3. Rickards also discusses, with Eric King, the currency war battle involving India and Iran, … Continue reading

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