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US ‘to return to gold standard within two years’, says Euro Pacific Capital chief Peter Schiff

Never one to hold back, if something’s on his chest, Mr Peter Schiff makes a bold prediction, in the Telegraph. HT to AH

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End of civilisation nigh: Inevitable that Greek government will soon have to match its spending to its tax receipts!

Quelle horreur! Surely governments can just borrow their silly monopoly money forever, print their silly monopoly money forever, and spend this silly monopoly money forever! How dare Rob Arnott suggest on King World News that governments should not only match … Continue reading

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The best looking horse in the glue factory

My favourite regular guest on KWN, John Embry, describes how the currency war is going between all the major paper currencies, as well as describing the latest buying opportunities in gold and silver: Tremendous Manipulation of Gold & Silver, Extreme … Continue reading

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Marc Faber: “The Great Monetary Reset” Will Destroy Cash & More

The syrupy-voiced Eric King interviews the heroic Dr Marc Faber, who believes the U.S. government will raise the debt ceiling soon, and keep going with its imperial spending programme, because nobody ever wants to admit to failing. Dr Faber describes … Continue reading

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