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GoldMoney podcast: Patrick Barron on the eurozone’s future

Episode 86: Professor Patrick Barron is an Austrian School economist who teaches courses in banking and economics at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the University of Iowa. He also writes regular pieces for Mises.org. Professor Barron has put forward the … Continue reading

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Will Germany leave the EU before Britain does?

While Britain’s mostly useless politicians dither spinelessly about whether or not to give up sounding important at EU conferences, Dr Tim Morgan, of Tullett Prebon research, thinks the Germans may just decide to leave first: The gift that keeps on … Continue reading

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Missing In Action: Where is Germany’s Gold?

Here’s the James Turk interview, where he describes how the German government’s gold has gone missing: James Turk: 15,000 Tons of Western Central Bank Gold is Gone & Much More, KWN

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Tax payers versus tax eaters, Shrinking Eurozone, and Rapacious welfare state governments

The Turkster predicts a shrunken Eurozone when Germany decides to protect itself from hyperinflation by sloughing off Club O’Med. He also provides several investment ideas, to protect yourself from the ensuing chaos, but I’m sure you already know what they … Continue reading

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Hollande: Après moi le déluge

Herr Schlichter unravels the deluded beast that is French democracy, the god that will once again fail, as it has failed so many times before: Europe’s voters say ‘No’ to economic reality And so the printing press rolls on.

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The Euroland Shuffle – Dance floor classics

As Europe collapses, France runs out of money so turns to socialism, Spain disintegrates on its way to 30% unemployment, Greece heads towards revolution, Germany moves towards turning its back on Euroland, and Britain descends into a pit of mindless … Continue reading

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The Silent Anschluss: Germany Formally Requests That Greece Hand Over Its Fiscal Independence

Oh dear. Bye bye Greek independence. Again.

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