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Democracy comes out of the barrel of a gun

Just for the quote in the title above, this Paul Craig Roberts article is worth reading: Amerika’s Future Is Death

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The False Promise of Democracy

Democracy is a God that has failed, or so says Karel Beckman, in a splendidly succinct and inspirational piece on LRC.

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Caretaker Kings of Germany will bail out Greece

Because of the democratic cycle, where people like Angela Merkel know they’re going to be out of power and therefore out of influence in a few years time (or possibly even in a few months time), Egon von Greyerz speculates … Continue reading

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The democracy scam continues

On my way to Heathrow, this morning, my taxi driver unfortunately was listening to a BBC call-in show, called ‘The Nicky Campbell Show’. There are all sorts of homesteading issues within a taxi driver’s vehicle, and all sorts of easement … Continue reading

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Freedom = Democracy?

Whenever a Rothbardian hears phrases on the MSM such as ‘The government will today announce the people are free’, or ‘the move from the Gaddafi government to the national transitional government will be completed today’, or worst of all, ‘the … Continue reading

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