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Predictive genius, coincidence, or UEFA Euro fix?

Here’s a quote on this site from June the 12th, a few weeks ago, when talking about the EU’s bid to manage ‘feel-good’ stories, in its time of roiling chaotic crisis. “Just as an aside, don’t be surprised too if … Continue reading

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Ben Davies: Eyes Wide Shut – UK Hitting the Wall

Ben Davies succinctly distils his latest financial analysis reporting, on King World News: Ben Davies, interviewed on King World News, Sunday, June 24, 2012 Here are the links to the reports mentioned in the programme: Eyes Wide Shut, Part I. … Continue reading

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The Euro was supposed to fail

The plan was to work like this. The peoples of Europe did not want to be dragooned by their corrupt rulers into a Napoleonic superstate, or into any other form of Carolingian or Romanesque empire, which would later be morphed … Continue reading

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Professor Hoppe: The Competition of Crooks

Für alle meine Deutschen kameraden, the Professor’s new book is out, in German, with the release information here. Hopefully, Herr Groezinger is busy on the translation, as aside from ordering large beers in Heidelberg, buying Bavarian sausages at the Goethe … Continue reading

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The False Promise of Democracy

Democracy is a God that has failed, or so says Karel Beckman, in a splendidly succinct and inspirational piece on LRC.

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Uncle Gary: European Central Bank is going to inflate, inflate, and inflate

Fine comedy writing, from Uncle Gary.

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EU commissars announce plan to save world

Who would’ve realised that it was so easy? After 41 years of the western world living beyond its means, and financing this government spending largesse by mortgaging the futures of our children and grandchildren, four of our magnificent leaders have … Continue reading

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