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George Osborne, the King of Crony Keynesianism

Paul Krugman, of all people, spots that George Osborne is going to use Crony Keynesianism to bung his corrupt friends fantastic amounts of taxpayer cash, washed through government-guaranteed loans to private business. Here’s the key quote from the Krugman piece: … Continue reading

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What should George Osborne do to provide a tax cut?

I’ve become increasingly disappointed in the Telegraph, over the last few months, as it seems to be taking an inreasingly toadying approach to our elite-appointed masters in Whitehall. Take for instance the loaded quiz above, taken from this article. It … Continue reading

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George Osborne dreaming up income

Apparently, The Telegraph thinks George Osborne told a few deliberate lies, yesterday, about expected future income, to make his bleak outlook seem just that little bit less bleak. Who’d ‘a’ thunk it? A British politician lying? Next you’ll be telling … Continue reading

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George Osborne to take your children so you can earn him more tax

In a disgusting Hitlerite move that even the revolting Stalinist Gordon Brown balked at, George Osborne has announced that he’s going to take more people’s children away from them, and indoctrinate them in government worship-camps, so that their parents can … Continue reading

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Official: David Cameron lives in cloud-cuckoo land

Back in the studio, Max and Stacy spend a considerable amount of time in this report talking about the state of the UK, and its nincompoop political hacks, such as David Cameron and George Osborne. Max even gets so worked … Continue reading

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David Cameron marches the UK further down the Road to Serfdom

The über-cerebral Daily Bell are quick to spot David Cameron’s hypocrisy, when it comes to supporting the further dictatorial integration of the EUSSR: “Unable to pretend anymore to the British people that the Tories are anything more than a “controlled” … Continue reading

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