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‘Sword of Marathon’ reviewed by Hodder and Stoughton author, Richard Blake

In a Sunday treat, I thought I would let Hodder and Stoughton author, Richard Blake tell you what he thinks of ‘Sword of Marathon’, the recently-published Rothbardian novel about that pivotal (and strangely contradictory) moment in the history of freedom, … Continue reading

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James Altucher: Self-Publishing Your Own Book is the New Business Card

I’ve been a bit skeptical recently about Lew Rockwell’s newfound love of James Altucher, but yesterday I saw the light. Because via LewRockwell.Com, I think I have now read the most important blog post I have ever or will ever … Continue reading

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Richard Blake Lives!

If anyone is a regular listener to ‘Cobden Centre Radio’, they may have been surprised last week when its latest radio show, which starred Mr Richard Blake the best-selling author, was deleted from the site, after two days of being … Continue reading

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