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Keiser Report: Kill Hollywood!

Max and Stacy explain, via copyright laws, how Hollywood, Wall Street, and Washington are tied together in a nexus of diminishing U.S. government power, as its currency collapses, and how the attempts to cut off Iran from the dollar are … Continue reading

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Protests erupt after Poland passes SOPA-like bill

The unwanted tax-eating money-printing parasitical mafiosi global elites – Murray Rothbard’s bands of robbers writ large – hate the Internet, because it throws light upon their criminal activities of theft, violence, and enslavement. They’ve used paedophilia and terrorism, to try … Continue reading

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Stephan Kinsella: Intellectual Property and Libertarianism

With Wiki about to go offline in protest at the global Bilderberg police state enabling acts of SOPA and PIPA, which are aimed at turning the Internet into ‘Chinese CP-Lite’, I thought we should examine the intellectual roots of the … Continue reading

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