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Keiser: Supranational equals Loss of Sovereignty

Max Keiser has lots of UK stuff in his latest programme, which makes me begin to suspect that although he and Stacy live in Paris, secretly they’re closet Anglophiles. There’s also lots of EU stuff, as today the wolfish politicians … Continue reading

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Trends Journal: Economic Martial Law to be instituted by March 2012

You’re only allowed to access the materials on this page if you promise to hide all of your razorblades or any other sharp instruments around your current location. Agreed? Okay, I’ll continue. Picture this; you are the ECB and you … Continue reading

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Keiser Report: Kleptocrats Go for Gold

Max gloats on his prediction that the global kleptocratic elites will steal the Italian government’s gold, via their technocrat placeman Three-Card Monti, in their bid to build their desired global kleptocratic kakistocracy: For UK buffs, there’s also a little coverage … Continue reading

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Official: David Cameron lives in cloud-cuckoo land

Back in the studio, Max and Stacy spend a considerable amount of time in this report talking about the state of the UK, and its nincompoop political hacks, such as David Cameron and George Osborne. Max even gets so worked … Continue reading

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Borg Technocrats Smashed in the Face

I’m never usually a fan of the second half of Max Keiser’s shows, where the Keisermeister’s unfortunate left-wing statist tendencies can sometimes show through, but this show is an exception, where Mish Shedlock discusses with Max the direct Bilderberg takeover … Continue reading

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Keiser Report: Cameron & Osborne on the Run

Stacy Herbert praises Max Keiser’s Silver Liberation Army for sending a pair of rotten elite placemen, Cameron and Osborne, onto the run from reality: I’m not sure about the second half interview, but the first half of the programme is … Continue reading

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Keiser predicts: Chinese will bail out Italian government in return for 3,000 tons of gold

As well as various predictions about what the ECB will unsuccessfully do to get out of its latest Italian government hole, Max interviews Jim Rickards over his latest Currency Wars book. Look out for the 50-Euro note toilet roll and … Continue reading

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