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Trends Journal: Economic Martial Law to be instituted by March 2012

You’re only allowed to access the materials on this page if you promise to hide all of your razorblades or any other sharp instruments around your current location. Agreed? Okay, I’ll continue. Picture this; you are the ECB and you … Continue reading

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James Delingpole: The Greens Hate Mankind

Lew Rockwell talks to James Delingpole about his new book, Watermelons: The poisonous and destructive environmental ideology (MP3)

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21 days to save your life

It thought I would do a cross-post from my other blog on nutrition. Here’s the original piece: Imagine that everything you had ever heard about nutrition was wrong. Imagine, that like Woody Allen in the film ‘Sleeper’, you travelled into … Continue reading

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Stay Healthy Physically, Mentally, Spiritually, and Financially

On our debt slavery theme this morning, there’s a great podcast by Lew Rockwell, interviewing James Altucher (in which amongst many other things, we learn how to pronounce ‘Altucher’). Here’s the blurb from the podcast: “James Altucher talks to Lew … Continue reading

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Bank Runs, Price and Wage Controls, Social Unrest, Totalitarian Attacks on Business

For those who missed it, there’s a great Lew Rockwell podcast with Joe Salerno which details how the global banking system is going to break down, over the next few years, and how the established ruling caste will attempt to … Continue reading

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Thanks to the heroic Lew Rockwell, for publicising this blog.

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