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Tax payers versus tax eaters, Shrinking Eurozone, and Rapacious welfare state governments

The Turkster predicts a shrunken Eurozone when Germany decides to protect itself from hyperinflation by sloughing off Club O’Med. He also provides several investment ideas, to protect yourself from the ensuing chaos, but I’m sure you already know what they … Continue reading

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James Turk: Gold bugs hang in there

With gold up just a measly 10% year-to-date, over 2011, this must have disappointed James Turk. But Mr Turk still thinks the fundamentals are all there for an eventual surge of metal prices, with a long way to go in … Continue reading

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Chris Martenson and James Turk talk about Europe and the global economy

Another excellent video from the GoldMoney Foundation, shot in a new moody way by a director who likes Casablanca: Because of the film noir style, Mr Turk even gets a bit feisty with his questions, such as wondering if the … Continue reading

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Doug Casey talks to James Turk

From a cold, freezing, snowy Circular Quay in Sydney, Australia, James Turk speaks to Doug Casey: (How terrible it must be, to be in Australia in November.) As well as being interesting for all the usual reasons, I enjoyed the … Continue reading

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Adam Fergusson: Inflating your Economy is Playing with Fire

James Turk talks in depth to Adam Fergusson, the author of the famous When Money Dies, first published in 1975, which examined the causes of the Weimar inflation. Basically, it’s a must-see video, so turn off ‘I’m a Celebrity – … Continue reading

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Extend & Pretend: Eric Sprott talks to James Turk in Munich

As mainstream television is just full of laughable or unwatchable government-sponsored propaganda these days, I much prefer to watch two Austrian giants of the global economy exchanging their thoughts with each other.

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Jim Rickards: The first major currency to go towards gold backing will be the only currency that anyone wants

Although this blog will eventually get to other subjects other than the rather narrow topic of gold money, this is another video in the recent Turk series, this time with Jim Rickards, in which Mr Rickards is brave enough to … Continue reading

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