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It’s all Greek to me!

The Globalist Keynesian Statist Mafia are either maliciously confusing cause and effect or stupidly confusing cause and effect. Detlev Schlichter explains why and how.

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Euro bank holidays ahead

And no, we’re not talking about the nice kind of English bank holiday in the sunshine. We’re talking about the kind of ‘bank holiday’ where you are frozen out of your own assets, and then these assets are stripped of … Continue reading

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Quarter of deposits withdrawn from Greek banks

I’m surprised it’s only a quarter. HT to SR

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Has The Greek Bank Run Started?

For weeks now, I’ve been itching to write an article entitled: Whoops! Greece leaves the Euro According to ZeroHedge, it appears I am close to achieving my ambition.

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Hollande: Après moi le déluge

Herr Schlichter unravels the deluded beast that is French democracy, the god that will once again fail, as it has failed so many times before: Europe’s voters say ‘No’ to economic reality And so the printing press rolls on.

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The end of the welfare state?

The governments in Europe have a stark choice, which they’re failing to reveal to the rest of us, says Uncle Gary North. Accept hyperinflation, and then the gold-based currency which will inevitably result at the end of that horror Stiff … Continue reading

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Nigel Farage again, on Greece, Iran, and Europe

Nigel Farage, serious contender for the title of Europe’s best politician – with Ron Paul clearly holding the title of World’s best politician – is on King World News again, with another update on the chaotic situation in Greece. Although … Continue reading

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