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Has The Greek Bank Run Started?

For weeks now, I’ve been itching to write an article entitled: Whoops! Greece leaves the Euro According to ZeroHedge, it appears I am close to achieving my ambition.

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Hollande: Après moi le déluge

Herr Schlichter unravels the deluded beast that is French democracy, the god that will once again fail, as it has failed so many times before: Europe’s voters say ‘No’ to economic reality And so the printing press rolls on.

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The end of the welfare state?

The governments in Europe have a stark choice, which they’re failing to reveal to the rest of us, says Uncle Gary North. Accept hyperinflation, and then the gold-based currency which will inevitably result at the end of that horror Stiff … Continue reading

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Nigel Farage again, on Greece, Iran, and Europe

Nigel Farage, serious contender for the title of Europe’s best politician – with Ron Paul clearly holding the title of World’s best politician – is on King World News again, with another update on the chaotic situation in Greece. Although … Continue reading

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Bernanke is a lunatic

I never usually push the King World News interviews with the heads and ex-heads of mining companies, as there’s normally too much puffing of their various books and share issues to wade through, to justify the useful nuggets of information … Continue reading

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Latest betting on re-emergence of Drachma: March 23rd

If I was Greek and still held savings in Euros, inside Greece, inside Greek banks, then I would be getting all of it out now, and into an account in Berlin, in Germany, or into gold in Switzerland, if that’s … Continue reading

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Keiser Report: Black Holes & Gold Hills

Max disappears into a Greek black hole (if that doesn’t make your mind boggle) in this latest episode of the Keiser Report, in which for some mysterious reason, he and Stacy are wearing different coloured shirts. Share and enjoy.

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The biter bit? Iran to cut off oil supplies to EU

When serial liar and all-round rotten egg, William Hague, British foreign secretary, started dancing for his American masters, in building up a worldwide block on Iranian oil exports, he probably thought it would be crumpets in Berlin by teatime. But … Continue reading

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The Silent Anschluss: Germany Formally Requests That Greece Hand Over Its Fiscal Independence

Oh dear. Bye bye Greek independence. Again.

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Europe’s Two Endgames

Uncle Gary North thinks the EU crisis end is near, though he’s unsure which way it will go; collapsed French banking system or German superstate? That it should come to this.

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