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Hey, I’m a YouTube!

Dear God. Look at those fifteen chins below. It’s an outrage. I really do need to get some decent photos done, as I’m about 14 pounds lighter than I was in that photo below. Hopefully, by Bodrum this year, I’ll … Continue reading

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GoldMoney Foundation: Andy Duncan and Dominic Frisby talk Austrian Economics

The quid pro quo trade for my interview yesterday with Dominic Frisby, was that he interview me in turn, for GoldMoney Foundation, about my ten favourite books to lead someone into Austrian Economics. Here’s the 29-minute interview: Gold Research Audio … Continue reading

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Chris Martenson and James Turk talk about Europe and the global economy

Another excellent video from the GoldMoney Foundation, shot in a new moody way by a director who likes Casablanca: Because of the film noir style, Mr Turk even gets a bit feisty with his questions, such as wondering if the … Continue reading

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