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The Rise of the Global Zombie Banks

We used to mock the Japanese for creating a plethora of Zombie Banks at the start of their two lost decades, but it appears that the American and European governments wish to walk down the same path of morbidity into … Continue reading

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French Fried Banks

The central banks of the world are in a pre-panic panic. Hence their recent machinations. At least, that’s the truth according to Uncle Gary North.

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Trends Journal: Economic Martial Law to be instituted by March 2012

You’re only allowed to access the materials on this page if you promise to hide all of your razorblades or any other sharp instruments around your current location. Agreed? Okay, I’ll continue. Picture this; you are the ECB and you … Continue reading

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The golden rule: He who has the gold makes the rules

With the global kleptocratic elite using its tools in the Federal Reserve and their tightly-controlled cabal of central banks to increase the global supply of dollars, the normally reserved and naturally shy Mr Peter Schiff had a few words to … Continue reading

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Jim Rickards: Inflation Engineering and how to generate Financial Repression

To quote from Wikipedia: “Financial repression is a term used to describe several measures which governments employ to channel funds to themselves which in a deregulated market would go elsewhere. Financial repression can be particularly effective at liquidating debt.” Jim … Continue reading

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